Anti-Aging Scalp Care

Anti-Aging Scalp Care

Scalp care for youthful hair and beauty

Resilient, beautiful hair comes from healthy scalp


Recently, more and more people are realizing under every beautiful head of hair is a healthy scalp.

Scalp is like the soil for hair. To grow beautiful hair, it is more important to think about scalp care over hair care.

The cause of hair problems such as hair loss is said to lie with the scalp due to poor blood circulation and clogged pores. As many as 60% of women have some sorts of scalp problems.

However, scalp care is often neglected because it is difficult to see the scalp with a mirror and harder to identify problems. Finally, most poeple don't know how to care for the scalp.

Because the scalp is covered with hair, its barrier function is weaker than other parts of the body. In addition it is exposed daily to external damage such as hair styling, dirt, ultraviolet rays, and blow drying.





Even after washing, the scalp returns to its clogged-pore, dirty state in 24 hours. Leaving sebum to build up for over a day can lead scalp problems.

So the important thing is to gently and thoroughly remove dirt and oil clogged in the pores and keep the scalp clean.

Same as facial skin, keeping the scalp healthy with skin care and circulating massages is the key to growing beautiful hair.



Cocopalm was created with a focus on scalp care.
Care your scalp with 3 easy steps.

Cocopalm series is enriched with tropical plants extracts and essential oils to nurish the scalp, supporting beautiful hair. Made from gentle ingredients, Cocopalm helps heal and strengthen the scalp by removing dirt and oil thoroughly from the pores and adding resilience, strength and gloss to the hair.