Effective Scalp Massage

Effective Scalp Massage

Scalp care and massage is the shortcut to beautiful hair and a toned face


The muscles under the scalp are like a spring that pulls up the facial muscles. With a strong and conditioned muscle, the facial features will be lifted, the skin more elastic and features looking younger. Head muscles lose their elasticity from fatigue and stress that makes these muscles loose their flexibility. This results in poor blood circulation, the skin loses its glow, hair loses gloss, and some people even experience hair loss. The shortcut to solve this problem and develop beautiful hair and a toned face is scalp massage. Scalp massage softens the scalp and promotes blood circulation. This not only enables hair to hold itself up from the roots but also tones the face. Now, let's learn the 3 minute method for shampoo scalp massage. Cocopalm Natural Shampoo is perfect for scalp massage as it was created with a focus on scalp care. Using Cocopalm Thermal Cleansing Gel once or twice a week before shampooing is recommended for improved scalp care.


Effective Scalp Cleaning Massage


1. Gently brush and rinse well with warm water.

Clear away dirt and oil on the scalp under the shower. Massage with your finger tips to avoid hurting the scalp with your nails.

Do not use your nails to avoid hurting your scalp.

Massage with Thermal Cleansing Gel once or twice a week before shampooing.
After brushing gently, wet your hair and squeeze out excess water then apply the gel directly from the nozzle to the entire scalp.

2. Apply shampoo.

Part hair in the middle and apply an appropriate amount of shampoo along the part.

3. Spread shampoo all the way to behind the ears.

Use pressure from your fingertips to spread shampoo across your head.

4. Spread shampoo across the entire scalp.

Spread shampoo to the neckline in a same manner as step 3 to let the shampoo penetrate the scalp.




5. Massage pressure points to promote blood circulation.

Cover the entire head with your hands and put a pressure on either side of your nape (soft spots just below the skull) with your thumbs to improve blood circulation.

Apply enough pressure on your nape to deeply massage the muscles there.

6. Take 3 minutes to massage from the crown down to the rest of the head.

Move your finger tips in a zig zag pattern from the top of your head point towards the neckline. Use firm pressure and massage while lathering up the shampoo. Repeat 2 to 3 times.

7. Massage towards the top of the head.

Massage from facial line towards the top of the head in a zig zag motion in the same manner as step 6.

8. Massage the crown of your head.

After removing dirt on scalp, apply pressure on the crown with your finger tips 2 to 3 times.

It is more effective breath deeply from the nose while massaging. The best pressure to apply is firm enough to feel deep in the muscle.

9. Pull your hair upward to stimulate the scalp.

Spread shampoo foam to the tips of hair and gather all your hair above your head and gently pull upwards. Finally, rinse away shampoo thoroughly without any residue.