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Q & A


Cocopalm FAQ


How much Thermal Cleansing Gel should I apply per use?

As a guide, 10mL. Please adjust depending on length and volume of your hair.


Thermal Cleansing Gel is recommended to use once or twice a week but is it OK to use more frequently?

Using once or twice weekly is recommended but those who wish to use it more frequently will not have any problems doing so.
Thermal Cleansing Gel is made of a fermentation-derived mild cleaning agent that is also used for facial cleaning. Also, the gel is made up of 96% moisturizing agents so it washes the scalp while maintaining moisture and gently removes dirt and oil in the pores.


It says Cocoplam Natural Shampoo is silicon free but Cocopalm Natural Treatment is not.
Why is Natural Treatment not silicon free?

Silicon protects the hair from getting damaged due to friction and prevents frizz by coating the hair, however sometimes dirt gets under the silicon coating.
It is also thought that the continual coating of silicon can cause dry and stiff hair. Cocopalm Natural Shampoo is silicon free and leaves out any additives that are not necessary for cleansing the hair and scalp. It removes the silicon coating with a single wash.
On the other hand, Cocopalm Natural Treatment is focused on the finish of the hair as it does not make direct contact on the scalp. Silicon has excellent features such as reducing damage caused by hair friction, repairing damage and making the hair silky and glossy, so Cocopalm Natural Treatment contains silicon for excellent finishing.


Does Cocopalm contain animal based ingredients or by-products?

Animal-derived surfactants or oils are not contained but the hydrolytic keratin used in the treatment obtained from sheep's wool.


Can Cocopalm be used on the hair after coloring or a perm?

Cocopalm can be considered to have the same effect as general shampoos on colored hair. However it depends on the coloring method, how much coloring has been absorbed and the hair type. We recommend testing on an unnoticeable area first. If you feel your coloring is fading, please refrain from using the product.
Cocopalm is considered to have no effect on permed hair after it has properly set.


What changes have been made to the Cocopalm Natural Shampoo renewed formulation?

In the all new Cocopalm Natural Shampoo formulation we removed sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) and replaced it with a coconut-derived amino acid-based cleansing agent to be even more gentle on the scalp and hair. New Cocopalm has even more micro whip foam with 8 times more foam density. Thicket foam volumes lets Cocopalm deeply clean each hair follicle.
Acai extract (euterpe oleracea fruit extract) that has moisturizing effect and carica papaya fruit extract that has exfolitation effect have been added.


What changes have been made on Cocopalm Natural Treatment by the renewal?

Amount of repairing agent, hydrolized keratin which is the closest to hair protein among hair repairing agents, has been increased by 200% compared to the previous model.
It gives resilience and strength from the inside to easy to style beautiful hair.



Scalp Care FAQ


What changes can be expected if switch to scalp care shampoo?

If proper scalp care is applied, your hair will be beautiful throughout the year. Also, there are some people whose back acnes has improved after switching to silicon free shampoo.


I can't remember how to massage.

In that case, simply remember to move your fingers towards top of the had. Top of head is located around where you wear ponytail.


Is scalp massage also effective to tone my face?

Blood is naturally easy to stangnate at the head as head is located at the end of body. However poor blood circulation can cause swelling and sagging muscle. Making lymph and waste at the head flow improves body circulation and activates the body cells leaving your face brighter and lifted.


Is it true that stress affects the scalp and hair condition?

Scalp is an indicator to know how much you are stressed or tired. Scalp massage promotes blood circulation and help bring more oxygen and nutrition to the scalp making the hair healthy. When the scalp retain its elasticity, the face will be toned and complexion will be brighter.


Why should I move fingers in circular motion when massage?

There are countless pressure points in the head. By moving fingers or massager in a circlur motion, you can cover these points entirely. To stimulate as many points as possible, massage the scalp by moving your fingers in a circular motion.


Why is it more effective to massage scalp in bath?

Scalp and hair care start with scalp tension releasing, removing dirts, and improving blood and lymph circulations. When you are in bath, pores open and blood circulation improves. That is why bath time is the best time to maintain your hair.


What are the causes of scalp and hair problems?

Disturbed metabolism is the fist cause. This is caused by accumlation of lipid peroxide from sweat and sebum, accumulation of dirt from hair styling products, and dryness of the scalp. Secondry, poor blood circulation. This is due to stiffness in the scalp by stress, aging, and eyestrain.
That is why improving metabolism is important by promoting blood circulation with a regular scalp massage to release stiffness, and removing dirt and oil clogged in the pores with shampoo and cleanser suitable for scalp care. Care your scalp before symptoms such as dandruff, odor, thinning hair and hair loss appear.