Skin care for your baby in 3 steps.Skin care for your baby in 3 steps.

Step 1Washing Thoroughly

Babies who spend most of their time at home may look clean at first glance, but their skin is dirty with sweat and sebum due to their high metabolism. Make sure to wash their scalp and forehead areas, as well as the armpits and back of the knees where sweat tends to accumulate, by stretching out the wrinkles and not leaving any residue. Wash their buttocks, which are prone to diaper and other poop stains that can cause skin problems.

Instead of scrubbing, use plenty of foam to wrap the dirt with your hands and wash gently.'s foam will help you clean your baby in an easy, effective way while protecting its skin.
  • Wash the baby's chest gently.
  • Then, the tummy.
  • And wash the baby's back and buttocks on its side.

Wash the baby's chest and tummy rubbing gently, and turn him/her sideways when you wash the back and buttocks.

  • Make sure you don't leave any residue between his/her fingers
  • Wash thoroughly the tips of the feet and the backs of knees.

Make sure you don't leave any residue between the baby's fingers, the tips of the feet and the backs of the knees.

  • Wash the scalp as you massage. Don't forget the back of the ears and head.
    Wash the scalp by massaging it. Don't forget the back of the ears and the back of the head.
  • Wash the baby's forehead and cheeks gently.
    Wash gently the forehead and cheeks.
  • Rinse with a gentle water pressure shower to ensure that you don't leave any residue behind.
    Rinse with a soft, water-pressured shower and rinse off without leaving any residue.

Washing items

Easy to use with one
hand, smooth foam pump

Use our Foam Body Soap to wash your baby's whole body from head (hair) to toe. The fine, smooth foam will gently wrap around its skin and wash away cleanly, leaving the skin smooth. The foam pump is designed for easy pick up with one hand.

※No synthetic surfactants, preservatives, fragrances, colors and silicones are used.
※Infant safety tested by dermatologists (safety to all users is not guaranteed)


Should body wash be weakly acidic?

The cleaning ingredients in a mildly acidic body wash are actually synthetic surfactants, also containing a variety of other synthetic additives. Foam Body Soap is free of additives such as synthetic surfactants and any other ingredients that may cause skin irritation. Soap quickly washes off old sebum while leaving the skin moisturized.