Skin care for your baby in 3 steps.Skin care for your baby in 3 steps.

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Skincare is not only about washing, cleansing and moisturizing. Choosing detergents for washing towels and clothes that will come into direct contact with your baby's skin is also an important part of skincare.

Even if you rinse thoroughly, detergent ingredients may remain on clothes. If a laundry detergent contains additives such as synthetic surfactants, preservatives, and colorants, the residual ingredients can start to dissolve in sweat and cause skin irritation. It's important to take care of the skin by not only choosing the correct body soap and moisturizer, but also a laundry detergent without additives.

Skin care is not only about washing and cleansing and moisturizing, but also choosing detergent for washing towels and clothes that come into direct contact with your baby's skin.

Items to improve wrapping

Additive-free soaps that
makes your laundry fluffy,
even without fabric softener

With no synthetic surfactants that can cause skin problems, nor bleach, optical brighteners, preservatives, colorants or fragrances, our additive-free soaps leaving your laundry fluffy even without softeners.

Our carefully selected plant-derived cleaning ingredients have a cleaning power as strong as any synthetic detergents. Thinking about mom's hand-washing scene, we blended in aloe extract, a plant extract that cares of your skin.

※Infant safety tested by dermatologists (safety to all users is not guaranteed)
※Tested for skin irritation and allergies (not all users are free from skin problems)
※No petroleum surfactants, mineral oil (petroleum-derived), silicone, paraben, alcohol (ethanol), synthetic fragrance and colorants are used.


Prewashing clothing and linens to welcome a baby

Newly bought baby clothes often have starch on them, which can cause skin irritation. That's why it's necessary to wash them in water to remove the glue and soften the fabric.

We recommend to wash with Laundry Soap to make the fabric soft and fluffy, making them absorbent.

The pitfalls of fabric softeners

Many mothers want to use fabric softeners because they want to wrap their babies in soft towels and clothes. However, fabric softeners many times "coat" the fibers with a synthetic surfactant, which is best to keep clear of in order to avoid skin problems. Laundry Soap leaves your clothes soft and fluffy without fabric softener, although if not enough, you can use it in combination with Laundry Conditioner, leaving clothes and towels feeling softer on the skin.

For an even smoother finish!

Reach an even smoother finish using Laundry Conditioner when used in conjunction with laundry soap. Unlike fabric softeners that coat the fibers with chemical ingredients, this finishing agent is specially designed for laundry soap, using the power of vegetable-based citric acids to remove residue and make your laundry feel smoother on the skin. It is safe for babies who sweat a lot, not losing the absorbency in your clothes.

※No petroleum-based synthetic surfactants, fluorescent agents, antibacterial agents, bleaching agents, antiseptics, preservatives, synthetic fragrances, colorants, or silicone is used.

For an even smoother finish! Use Laundry Conditioner together with the Laundry Soap.