• SC-460
  • SC-460


Toilet Seat Cleaner Dispenser


Sterilization of the toilet seat is essential for a comfortable use of the toilet. SC-460 dispenses toilet seat disinfectant, ensuring maximum safety for the user.

  • Large capacity refillable bottle will permit you replenish it is disinfectant in an hygienic and economical way.

  • By opening the cover and cap of the bottle, you can refill on the spot. Cover is key protected to prevent theft and tampering.

  • Remaining disinfectant is visible through the confirmation window.

  • An easy to grasp pictogram can be placed inside the toilet room so that even first-time users can understand it is use.

  • It is slim design permits it is installation even in rooms with stalls with limited space.

Product Specifications

  • Volume:


  • Dimensions:


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to use:

    Cut and fold a piece of toilet paper. Hold the toilet paper under the lever and press to spray the cleaner. Wipe the toilet seat and throw the toilet paper into the toilet.

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