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Make handwashing a daily pleasure.
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Foam hand soap dispensed automatically by sensors.
Hygienic handwashing without touching.

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[Accessory]Quick start guide, USB cable, Cleaning pin

No need to change a battery

The chargeable USB battery saves you time
by not needing to change any batteries.
It completely recharges in
4 hours, lasting for 3 months.

(Estimations done for a family of four people that wash
their hands three times a day with 2 mL dispensing)
※Do not use while charging.

LED informs you of the remaining battery

Green lights will flash depending
on the remaining amount of battery.

LED light on Wash Bon Auto Dispenser indicating level of battery

Excellent water resistance

With a removable tank, it can be washed and
sanitized each time you refill with liquid.
Waterproof body (IPX6) that will permit
you to wash it when it gets dirty.

An eco bottle for repeated use

Refill with compatible hand soap. Since the bottle
is reusable, any dirt when refilling is avoided.
The transparent bottle will let you check
the remaining liquid at a single glance.

Bottle is removable from unit

Fits anywhere

Designed to match with any bathroom or kitchen, it can be
placed anywhere thanks to its small and narrow design.

【Bottom size (floor area) approx. 58mm/width 82mm】

Also for your kitchen or teaching hand wash to your kids!

Choose from 2 dispense rates, 1 mL or 2 mL, which can be
used for your whole family, from kids with small hands to adults.
Foam soap is dispensed automatically, making hand washing an enjoyable experience
that contributes to reducing contact infections by eliminating the need of any touching.

Person washing hands with soap and Wash Bon Auto Dispenser placed at the wash basin Child placing hands under Wash Bon Auto Dispenser to dispense soap for washing hands

Available in 3 colors

Wash Bon Auto Dispenser Silver
Silver(Stainless steel)
Wash Bon Auto Dispenser White
Wash Bon Auto Dispenser Blue

Washbon Auto Soap Dispenser Title

Wash Bon Prime Foam Hand Soap Herbal Citrus, Sweet Floral and Green Herb Refill Pack

Prime Foam Hand Soap

Wash Bon Prime Foam Hand Soap Title

Rich and fluffy foam wraps your hands, bringing pleasure to your hand wash.
You can choose from 3 kinds of fragrance blends,
each made with an aroma that combines three 100% natural ingredients.
Free of color, synthetic fragrances, synthetic surfactants and preservatives.
※ISO 16128 basis.

Green Herb Title

Relaxing Scent of Sweet Grass

Like napping in a meadow, the highly biodegradable Wash Bon Prime
Hand Soap Green Herb will reduce your stress and improve your mood.
Blends 3 kinds of essential oils: fresh tea tree, rosemary and lavender.

Tea Tree, Rosemary and Lavender Herbs

Wash Bon Prime Foam Hand Soap Green Herb Refill Pack

Sweet Floral Title

Beautiful Fragrance of Wildflowers

The gentle scent of flowers will make you relax.
Blends 3 kinds of essential oil: rekazing orange, lavender and geranium.

Orange, Lavender and Geranium Herbs

Wash Bon Prime Foam Hand Soap Sweet Floral Refill Pack

Herbal Citrus Title

Refreshing Citrus Fragrance

Feel the fresh scent of citrus fruits.
A fragrance that will refresh you and improve your concentration.

Lime, Orange and Rosemary Herbs

Wash Bon Prime Foam Hand Soap Herbal Citrus Refill Pack

We support the spread of correct handwashing in Uganda with 1% of our sales

Approx. 16,000 children under 5 years-old die everyday in developing countries, mostly caused by preventable diseases. It is said that correct hand washing using soap, which is effective in preventing diarrhea and pneumonia, may save the life of 1 million children.

This is why we started "Wash A Million Hands!" project in 2010 which donates 1% of sales amount of specific products for supporting UNICEF's handwashing promotion activities in Uganda.
※Shipment from Japan

Children in Uganda washing their hands to promote Unicef's Wash A Million Hands Campaign