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Wash Bon Automatic Dispenser

Making Handwashing a Daily Pleasure


Wash your hands with the automatic Wash Bon Dispenser. Winner of the Good Design award, reduce dirt and infections with a stylish dispenser that matches any bathroom or kitchen. With 3 types of Wash Bon Prime Foam Hand Soap available, clean and moisturize your hands and face with a soft foam that carries a gentle aroma.

  • Rechargeable battery through USB frees you from the hassle of changing batteries.

  • Battery charges last 3 months (for a family of four people washing their hands three times a day with a 2ml dispensing)

  • Easy confirmation of remaining battery through LED display.

  • Its waterproof body protects it from corroding during use.

  • The easy to refill transparent bottle allows you to confirm the amount of soap at a glance.

  • Choose from 2 dispense amounts: 1mL or 2mL.

Product Specifications

  • Model:


  • Capacity:


  • How to use:

    Place hands under the sensor to activate and dispense a premeasured amount of hand hygiene solution

  • Color:


  • Dimensions:

    W82xD85xH199mm (Round down)

  • Power source:

    Lithium-ion battery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use my own soap instead of the ones recomended by SARAYA?

    As Wash Bon Automatic Dispenser was created for the specifications of Wash Bon and Wash Von Foam for a perfect distribution of soap, we don't recommend using other brands, as its different formulation may even clog the nozzle.

  • How long does the battery last?

    With a rechargeable battery through USB port, the battery runs for about 3 months with just 4 hours of charging.