Natural Shampoo

Cocopalm Natural Shampoo is amino acid-based silicon free shampoo that prevents hair damage, smooth and relax hair, refreshes scalp and reduces frizz on hair.

Thermal Cleansing Gel

Cocopalm Thermal Cleansing Gel thoroughly removes dirt and oil clogged in the pores that cannot be removed with regular shampoo. Thermal massage softens and tightens the scalp for total anti-aging care for the scalp and hair.

Natural Treatment

Cocopalm Natural Treatment made from tropical botanical extracts and essential oils helps in moisturizing your hair for intensive care. Enriched repair agents penetrate to the tips of damaged hair and strengthen from the inside, providing resilience and elasticity to your hair for easy styling.

Body Soap

Cocopalm Body Soap washes your body gently with its rich creamy foam and its elegant scent of fruity neroli, creating a spa resort in your bath. Contains tropical plant oils and extracts that leave your skin smooth and moisturized.


Beautiful and healthy hair with essential oils and tropical botanicals. Now introducing body soap.


Cocopalm hair and body series products contain a herbal complex of natural essential oils and cleansing botanicals. Featuring Soforo—a natural cleaning agent made from the fermentation of palm fruit oil and sugar, exclusively developed by SARAYA.
Cocopalm contains no additives such as synthetic colors, animal oils, mineral oils or antiseptics for safety and gentle usage on any skin and hair type. Cocopalm is the luxurious addition to any daily hair and body care routine.

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3 steps for gentle hair care: Massaging + Cleaning + Moisturizing

If you want to correct damaged hair, Cocopalm is the ideal hair care series. It is also good for keeping scalp clean and reducing hair fall.

Carefully selected natural extracts and essential oils gently act on the scalp and hair.

Cocopalm is perfect for maintaining and achieving healthy and beautifully silky hair.

No additives such as colors, paraben, animal oils or mineral oils.