Cocopalm - Natural Beauty Spa
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Blend

For a hair that is strong and shiny from its core.

Protect your beautiful hair from
the sun and sea breeze with Coconut Oil.

Protect your hair from the sun and sea breeze with the Cocopalm line of products.

Enjoy a tropical spa experience with a
hair care brand that is gentle to your skin and hair.

Enjoy a tropical spa experience with Cocopalm, gentle to your skin and hair.

Blessed by the Sun and Earth,
a luxurious blend of coconut-derived,
amino acid-based cleansing ingredients that are
gentle on your scalp and
hair with high-quality organic
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.
Cocopalm moisturizes and protects,
even your skin, for a shiny, healthy hair.

Organic, high-quality,
extra-virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is easily absorbed by your hair thanks to its
special structure that holds excellent moisturizing properties.

Cocopalm's coconut oils contain high quality food-grade medium‐chain triglycerides (MCT) , with about 65% medium-chain fatty acids.

Oil is extracted using the latest "low temperature
expeller" method, which protects its beauty ingredients
during extraction, making them less likely to deteriorate.

moisturizing power

JAS-certified, made
without chemicals or pesticides.

Carefully selected beauty oils and extracts

A well-balanced blend of botanicals
provides moisture and shine to your
skin and hair, nurturing it strong from its core.

Cocopalm contains a blend of botanical ingredients that provides moisture and shine to your skin and hair.

Additive-free formulation

No ingredients that may irritate or burden the scalp are added.

Cocopalm has no silicone (in shampoo), sodium laureth sulfate or colorings Cocopalm has no parabens, mineral oils or animal oils

~Natural Beauty Spa Style~

Enjoy Cocopalm's beauty ingredients used in traditional spas of tropical countries,
making you feel as if you are having a relaxing vacation around the world.

Enjoy a a southern tropics spa from Borneo and a polynesian spa from Tahiti with Cocopalm.


Made with Neroli scent.
Relaxing and moisturizing

From a green, tropical paradise,
a fruity neroli scent
(natural essential oils)

Cocopalm Southern Tropics Spa Shampoo and Treatment.
Tropical Spa Beauty Ingredients

Organic coconut milk
(coconut palm fruit extract)

Made with organic coconut milk, which moisturizes the scalp and contains vitamin E and lauric acid, bringing beauty to your hair.


Made with Monoi de Tahiti.

The Tahitian blue tiare
scent with a blue sea breeze
(natural essential oils)

Enjoy the Tahitian blue tiare scren with the blue sea breeze of Cocopalm Polynesian Spa.
Tropical Spa Beauty Ingredients

Tropical Spa Beauty
Ingredients : Monoi de Tahiti
(gardenia taitensis flower extracts)

An ancient Tahitian fragrant oil. It is used in traditional Tahitian, natural Polynesian Spas and contains a rare beauty oil that is highly moisturizing and protects hair and skin from dry damage.

SARAYA protects the beauty of nature
and life

As a hair care brand that pursues the use of natural
ingredients that are gentle to the scalp and hair,
we protect greenery and life with 1% of our
sales (manufacturer's shipping amount)
in the hope of preserving a beautiful nature.

Cocopalm supports sustainable palm oil production and donates  1% of all sales to the Borneo Conservation Trust.Cocopalm supports sustainable palm oil production and donates  1% of all sales to the Borneo Conservation Trust.
More Details Herechevron_right Cocopalm supports the SDGs number 12: Responsible consumption and production, 15: Life on land, and  17: Partnerships for the goal