• Arau Baby Milky Lotion 300mL
  • Arau Baby Milky Lotion 300mL

Arau Baby Milky Lotion

Moisturizing Lotion for Delicate Babies' Skin


A low-irritative, additive-free milky lotion, carefully formulated to moisturize babies' delicate skin. Considering babies' skin sebum balance, we strictly chose botanical oils, paying special attention to their natural emulsifying agents. Soft and smooth, it can be used all year round.

  • Free from petroleum-based synthetic surfactants, petroleum-based mineral oils, silicone, parabens, alcohol (ethanol), synthetic fragrance, and colorings.

  • It contains Soforo, a natural emulsifying agent made from the fermentation of botanical oil (palm oil) and sugar by natural yeast.

  • Formulated with 100% botanical oil: jojoba seed oil, macadamia nut oil, and squalane (olive-derived), strictly chosen for babies' balanced skin sebum. The organic lavender essential oil and botanical oils help moisturize the skin.

  • Skin allergy and skin sensitivity tested (all safety is not guaranteed / In some cases skin irritation may occur).

Product Specifications

  • Available in:

    300mL bottle with pump, 260mL refill

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is arau. baby Milky Lotion only for babies? Can adults use it as well?

    arau.baby Milky Lotion is made from skin friendly ingredients, so the whole family can use it. Skin irritation tested but it does not eliminate the possibilities of skin irritation for all users. If your skin does not agree with it, please kindly stop using the product.

  • How many times should I use arau.baby Milky Lotion in my baby per day?

    We do not have any standard for frequency or amount of use per day. Use especially when concerned about dry skin or after taking a bath.

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