• arau.baby Tooth Gel 35g
  • arau.baby Tooth Gel 35g

arau.baby Tooth Gel

Healthy Gums for a Future Bright Smile


Additive-free tooth gel for babies made from food-based ingredients. Contains no preservatives, antiseptics, synthetic fragrances or colors. It is gentle on your baby's delicate gums and cares without the use of synthetic surfactants, foaming agents, or abrasives. Use gel toothpaste to keep your baby's gums healthy from the beginning for a future bright smile.

  • We heard moms asking for a toothpaste for their children that they feel safe using. arau.baby Tooth Gel doesn't use synthetic oils, flavors, colors, foaming agents, preservatives, nor abrasives.

  • Contains lactoferrin and xylitol food-based ingredients, meaning that even if ingested, there is no harm to your baby.

  • Containing orange flavor (100% natural essential oil), it tastes great and is natural, so even if your baby doesn't like rinsing he will enjoy brushing his teeth and gums.

  • Every purchase of arau. and arau.baby in the Japanese market goes in part to the support of education, emergency care, preventative hygiene and relief of children in more than 120 countries worldwide through Save the Children Japan.

Product Specifications

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  • Fragrance:

    Mandarin orange

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should parents start brushing their baby's teeth?

    It is best to start brushing when the first tooth begins to appear. Most babies get their first tooth around 6 to 9 months, but some can start getting their teeth as early as 3 months. Even before the teeth come in, it is a good idea to rub your baby's gums with a soft towel to get them used to the idea of brushing.

  • What is the best way to brush a baby's teeth?

    It is common to use a soft towel or gauze to clean a baby's teeth, but using only water is not very effective. Using a toothbrush with toothpaste is much more effective. However, many moms are worried about toothpaste because it is difficult to rinse after brushing. That is why SARAYA developed arau.baby Tooth Gel uses no additives and only food based ingredients as a safe way to brush your baby's teeth.

  • What toothpaste should I get when my child grows up?

    Once your child is brushing on their own, we suggest switching to arau. Toothpaste. arau. Toothpaste safely cleans the teeth and gums just like arau.baby Tooth Gel, but with the refreshing flavor of natural lavender and peppermint essential oil ingredients. arau. Toothpaste's unique natural formula rinses away cleanly and is healthy and safe.

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