Clean your hands 5 May Campaign 2023

Accelerate action together. Save Lives Clean your Hands. Celebrate 5 May 2023 with SARAYA.

Accelerate action together. SAVE LIVES – Clean Your Hands – with this slogan, the WHO runs its annual campaign celebrating World Hand Hygiene Day on the 5th of May and SARAYA invites you to join it with us, using our original posters available for download below.

Why is it so important? Because the most effective way to fight against infections is to prevent them from spreading, hand hygiene plays an important role in it. Whether it be preventing infections from spreading in our daily lives or preventing healthcare-associated infections in healthcare settings, what we can do is increase our knowledge and follow appropriate recommendations (for example, Your 5 moments of hand hygiene) to create a safe and responsible culture together.

This 2023-year campaign reminds us that strong and engaged communities of healthcare workers, policy makers and civil society organizations (CSOs) can accelerate and sustain action at the point of care to keep people safe and healthy from harmful infectious diseases.  Driven by their passion, values and strong social justice agendas, and often in close proximity to the communities they serve, CSOs can spearhead and accelerate change at local, national and international levels.

Our 5th of May 2023 original SARAYA posters aim to raise awareness about the importance of hand hygiene, not only in healthcare settings but also in public areas. Proper hand hygiene practices can help prevent the spread of infectious diseases and promote overall health and well-being. These posters serve as a reminder that hand hygiene is everyone's responsibility and may have an impact on public health.

Apart from the above, SARAYA contributes to healthcare settings every year by producing useful products for implementing infection prevention and control and providing training and knowledge to healthcare workers, patients, and their families around the world. For more information, visit our healthcare solutions page.

How to get involved in and support the campaign: accelerating action together!

  • Promote the concept, actions and products related to 5 May 2023 using the slides included in the advocacy presentation and annual campaign toolkit.

  • Show your facility’s commitment to hand hygiene improvement at the point of care. Sign up for the Save Lives: Clean Your Hands campaign - we need more and more healthcare organizations to show their commitment to the campaign, so do encourage others to register.

  • Display the 2023 campaign web banners and posters in your facilities. Download the campaign posters, web banners, poster maker, campaign video and other resources, to help you show your support. All campaign assets can be accessed here.

  • This year, WHO calls on all civil society and partner organizations to engage with the campaign and accelerate progress in achieving effective hand hygiene at the point of care! To support achieving this, WHO created a campaign guide available here.

  • Attend the webinar on hand hygiene on 5 May from 14:00-15:30 CEST.

And as always, if you are part of a hospital or healthcare facility wanting to improve infection control, you can subscribe to participate here!

WHO Save Lives Clean Your Hands 5 May Campaign Main Poster

If you are located in Japan, please visit our Japanese Campaign page for local information.

SARAYA's posters for the 5 of May 2023 Campaign

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