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Frequently Asked Questions and Myth Busters on COVID-19

Do you know what a pandemic is? What's the difference between a surgical mask and the N95? Does garlic have any effect at all against COVID-19? Is it safe to donate blood while a pandemic is happening? Answers to this and many other questions about the coronavirus were shared with us by Dr. Lee Yew Fong in the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions and Myth Busters on COVID-19

Dr. Lee Yew Fong


Dr. Lee Yew Fong is a Doctoral candidate in Biomedicine (Global Health Track), at the Institute of Global Health, University of Geneva (UNIGE), Switzerland. Her doctoral work is under the supervision of the Infection Control Programme and the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre on Patient Safety, University of Geneva Hospitals (HUG) and Faculty of Medicine, Geneva, Switzerland. She is also a medical doctor affiliated with the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. The views expressed are of her own and do not necessarily represent the UNIGE, HUG and/ or the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

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Resistance of each Microorganism Group to Disinfectants

Coronavirus is a virus with an envelope (enveloped virus) like influenza virus, thus it has LOW RESISTANCE TO DISINFECTANTS.

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