Alcohol Sanitizer S-1

Food Grade Alcohol Sanitizer



Smart San Alcohol Sanitizer S-1 is a quick drying alcohol sanitizer that doesn't need wiping after application. Made from food grade ethanol for sanitizing a variety of surfaces and equipments.

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  • HACCP International certificate.

  • Uses food grade ethanol as it is active ingredient.

  • Quick drying and much more effective than normal ethanol.

  • Neutral ingredients eliminate the need to rinse.

  • To use on cutting boards, kitchen knives, cooking bowls, etc.

Product Specifications

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  • Units per Case:


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to use

    Spray evenly over a surface from 15cm away.

  • Do I need to wipe after spraying?

    It is not necessary to wipe it off. Wiping it off will not affect the disinfection effect, but if doing so, please use a clean cloth or paper.

  • Can I use the equipment directly after applying Alcohol Sanitizer S-1?

    There are no problems with food contact for your health, but if it comes in contact while drying, it may leave an alcohol odor on the food.

  • Can I dilute it in water for it is use?

    Please use the Alcohol Sanitizer S-1 without diluting it, since it would reduce it is disinfection power.

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