Degreaser G-2

For Grease and Encrusted Dirt



High powered degreaser that removes grease, encrusted dirt, and oil from cooking and processing equipment.

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  • HACCP International certificate.

  • Powerful Alkaline Detergent.

  • Recommend for cleaning greasy and oily equipment.

  • For use in ventilation, ovens, etc.

Product Specifications

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How should you clean an oven?

    Alkaline cleaners are effective in removing grease stains from the oven, such as with the degreaser G-2. Use our spray bottle to spread the cleaning agent on the stained are, leave it on for 5-10 minutes, scrub the area with a scrubbing brush, and rinse under water or wipe off the dirt and detergent with a dishcloth. Be sure to wear protective goggles and rubber gloves when working and not to use it on metals such as aluminium and copper, since alkaline cleaning agents will corrode them.

This product is Halal Certified.

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