Sanitizer A S-4

Ethanol Based Sanitizer


Slightly Acid

High performance on antibacterial activities. Ethanol based sanitizer that dries quickly leaving no alcohol residue.

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  • HACCP International certificate.

  • Destroy a wide range of microorganisms and viruses including non-enveloped viruses.

  • Excellent formulation for food processing units.

  • No dilution, ready to use formula for an effective sterilization.

  • Fast drying ethanol provides immediate effect. No need to wipe.

Product Specifications

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of ingredients are in Sanitizer A S-4?

    A S-4 is essentially ethanos and water, but also contains food-grade ingredients such as citric acid to increase antimicrobial activity.

  • How is this Halal certified?

    Ethanol evaporates completely after sanitizing equipment, leaving no residue.

  • What is the difference between Sanitizer A S-4 and the basic ethanol?

    Adding food based ingredients such as citric acid to ethanol makes A S-4 more effective at low concentrations than normal 70% alcohol sanitizers.

  • Is it possible that rust occurs depending on the object?

    Stainless steel and ceramic knives are not susceptible to rust. When it comes to knives containing iron, rust can occur.

This product is Halal Certified.

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