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Announcing the New Release of Kitchen Alpet Home Sanitizer!

New Kitchen Alpet introduced to the market.

We are pleased to announce the new release of Kitchen Alpet in March 2014. Kitchen Alpet is an environmentally friendly alcohol sanitizer made from natural ingredients for household use. Alpet has been used in the food sanitation field for years because of its reliable quality in restaurants, supermarkets, hotels and convenience stores. Some people may think food poisoning is only the threat in retail food outlets such as restaurants and supermarkets, however, food poisoning risks lurk in our own kitchens as well. Saraya is releasing the reliability and safety of professional Alpet as Kitchen Alpet in home decor packaging.

Kitchen Alpet has a high antibacterial effect, removing 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, without the need to rinse or wipe off after spraying on kitchen equipment, containers and surfaces. The secret is 100% food-grade ingredients, making it safe to use in the kitchen on direct food contact surfaces. Palm-derived botanical antibacterial aid glycerin-fatty acid ester is formulated to bring out the maximum antibacterial effect of food-safe ethyl alcohol. Adjusted pH neutral, Kitchen Alpet can be used on metal knives and stainless sinks without the risk of corrosion or rusting.

Enjoy safe and happy cooking with Kitchen Alpet!