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Celebrating Yashinomi Detergent’s 50th Anniversary!

Yashinomi, SARAYA’s clean solution to dishwashing, celebrates its 50th Anniversary in Japan with a limited edition package and year-long celebrations.

We are pleased to announce the launch of a limited edition package and a year-long campaign to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Yashinomi Detergent in Japan, our signature detergent that is gentle to hands and the environment, starting on April 1, 2021.

Nowadays, along with the spread of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), more and more companies are offering products and services that are friendly to the global environment and social issues. Consumers are becoming aware of their effects on their environment and focusing on ethical consumption, actively choosing to participate in problem-solving through their purchases. In this context, Saraya has been working to create products that aim to contribute to resolving global environmental and social issues through business since its establishment, clearly showcased on the Yashinomi brand.

New Yashinomi packaging celebrating the 50th anniversary.

New Yashinomi packaging celebrating the 50th anniversary.

Yashinomi detergent. Developed in response to environmental problems

In 1971, when "Yashinomi" was born, the pollution of rivers and lakes of Japan caused by petroleum-based detergents was a major environmental problem. As a response, SARAYA pioneered the development of plant-based dishwashing detergents with less impact on the environment by using coconut-derived cleaning ingredients, gentle to the skin, and highly biodegradable. Since its launch, all generations have loved the product for its commitment to adding nothing unnecessary to its formulation, like synthetic fragrances and coloring. But on top of that, Yashinomi has also been appreciated as a brand that truly engages in nature conservation through its initiatives.

Environmental Initiatives

Yashinomi Detergent and Biodiversity

Since 2007, SARAYA has been donating 1% of its sales (of the manufacturer's shipping value) to support conservation activities on the Malaysian island of Borneo, where we source our raw materials, with activities like the creation of "green corridors" - migratory routes to riverside forests, vital to wildlife survival. Furthermore, to address the growing demand for palm oil around the world in a sustainable way, we have obtained 100% RSPO certification (a certificate system for palm oil produced in compliance with environmental and human rights standards) for palm oil and palm kernel oil, the raw materials for part of our products, since November 2019.

Yashinomi Detergent and the Plastic Waste Issue

About 40 years ago, Yashinomi Detergent was the first brand in Japan to launch a refill pack for dishwashing detergent to address plastic waste. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the brand, we switch to eco-friendly containers made of recycled plastic and biomass plastic this fall to make the brand even more environmentally friendly.

Note: Excluding some products.

50th Anniversary Project Overview

The 50th-anniversary website page has been added, and a series of campaigns will be launched on our Japanese Instagram and LINE accounts. We will also introduce a variety of fun projects to help people understand what makes Yashinomi detergent so unique. Also, some products will come with a package featuring "Yashibo" - the palm nut fairy that had first appeared on the original bottle design.