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Lactoferrin Lab. receives the "SDGs Promotion Award"

SARAYA and Lactoferrin Lab. are proud to receive the “SDGs Promotion Award” at the “Sustainable Cosmetics Awards” 2019.

Saraya received the “SDGs Promotion Award” at the Sustainable Cosmetics Awards 2019, awarded by the social activist team “Mother Earth” and “Eco Mark Office”, operator of the only type I environmental label in Japan. The award winners were determined after a comprehensive evaluation of contributions, ideals and stories transmitted by a brand or product that are fair trade or organic, rigorously screened by the selection committee. Saraya Co., Ltd. was recognized for its outstanding SDGs activities as an organization through the skincare brand “Lactoferrin Lab.”, receiving the “SDGs Promotion Award” (see this and other prize winners in the link below).

The skincare brand “Lactoferrin Lab”, which contains a high concentration of the functional protein “Lactoferrin” that only mammals have, has received RSPO certification for “Sustainable Palm Oil”, mark displayed in the product package.  With the All-in-one beauty gel “LL Moist Lift Gel Serum”, the center of the Lactoferrin Lab. series, we are working towards developing sustainable products through various approaches such as adopting refills in order to reduce plastics. In addition, a portion of the sales of the series will be donated to JOICFP, to the “White Ribbon” campaign, while since 2018 we have donated alcohol hand sanitizers to gynecology clinics in Uganda, preventing hospital infections through the “SARAYA Safe Motherhood Project”, both social issues that our cosmetic brands target as SDGs.

Lactoferrin Lab Serum Lactoferrin Lab supports White Ribbon and the Safe Motherhood Project