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Lakanto now Halal Certified

Lakanto is now halal certified.

SARAYA is pleased to announce that Lakanto has finally achieved Halal certification. Lakanto Golden 10kg, Lakanto Classic 10kg and 3g x 30 (former Lakanto White) are all now certified. The Halal certificate is accredited to products that are confirmed to be free of ingredients that are not allowed in Islamic dietary law. The Muslim population accounts for nearly one-quarter of the world's population which equals 1.7 to 2 billion people! We thought it was very unfortunate that a quarter of the world could not enjoy our healthy and tasty natural sweetener Lakanto. We are very pleased that we can finally introduce Lakanto to the Muslim and Halal community. We hope everybody around the world can have a healthy, tasty, sugar-free Lakanto and a happy life!