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New Release from the Safe and Sustainable Detergent Series Happy Elephant!

release of Happy Elephant Laundry Liquid.

We are pleased to announce the new release of Happy Elephant Laundry Liquid in March 2014, a highly biodegradable detergent formulated with a unique, groundbreaking natural cleansing agent known as "sophorolipid". It is safe to wash clothes for people with sensitive skin and babies because Happy Elephant does not have skin irritant agents such as petroleum-based surfactants, fluorescent whiteners, bleaches, colors and synthetic fragrances. While being gentle on the environment and skin, Happy Elephant has a detergency as strong as synthetic detergents. The gentle scent of natural lavender and tea tree essential oils is perfect for those who find synthetic fragrances too strong or irritating. Happy Elephant uses RSPO certified sustainable palm oil.

We hope Happy Elephant Laundry Liquid will make your laundry time happier!