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Release of Jojoble’s Body Oil and Hair Oil

Jojoble’s Body Oil and Hair Oil starts its international release.

We are pleased to announce the launch of Jojoble’s Body Oil and Hair Oil, natural cosmetics containing Egyptian Golden Jojoba Oil, and other natural ingredients such as camellia oil. Both products are made from Egyptian jojoba that grows under its harsh sun, cold-pressed to obtain a rich golden jojoba oil full of natural ingredients such as vitamin E and minerals, that will keep your skin and hair healthy and moisturized. 

Now available in a limited release, contact us through the contact page if you want to inquire about availability in your region.

Jojoble Body Oil

SARAYA's Jojoble Body OilMade of only golden jojoba oil and natural essential oils.  As jojoba oil is a liquid wax ester, one of the components of human sebum, it penetrates well into the stratum corneum without leaving a sticky feeling, preventing moisture from escaping the skin, while improving the barrier functions of healthy skin. An original blend of natural essential oils available in two scents that subtly satisfies your mind and body. Also recommended for body massage and nail care.

Jojoble Hair Oil

SARAYA's Jojoble Hair Oil SARAYA's Jojoble Hair Oil, available in 2 types.

 Jojoble Hair Oil is a 100% natural blend of Egyptian golden jojoba oil and carefully selected plant oils such as camellia oil, which is said to be good for your hair. Even though it’s silicone-free, the power of plants protects your hair from UV rays, dryness, and friction damage, leaving a hair full of moisture for a silky, smooth finish. As with the body oil, it is available in two different types of blend and can be used even as a styling agent.

Egyptian Desert Greening Project

More than 90% of Egypt is covered with desert. In order to contribute to the effective use of this vast desert, we established our own plantation*1  in the Egyptian desert, greening the desert while conducting jojoba research, contributing to the protection of the environment for a sustainable society. 

SARAYA is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SDG 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth SDG 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production SDG 13 - Climate Action   SDG 15 - Life On Land SDG 17 - Partnership for the Goals 

*1 Cooperating company: Simond Co., Ltd.