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Yashinomi is Certified by Ask Doctors in Japan

95 out of 100 doctors asked recognized Yashinomi as a skin-friendly brand.

Yashinomi has been certified in Japan as a “doctor’s confirmed product” through the “Ask Doctors Evaluation Service” provided by M3 Corporation, being recommended by 95 out of 100 doctors (February 2019).

Born in 1971 as one of the first eco-detergents in Japan, Yashinomi uses plant ingredients for a fragrance-free, non-coloring, highly-biodegradable detergent. Its colorless shine is proof of its high-quality without unnecessary additives, making it a kitchen detergent gentle on your hands and the earth, loved by generations since it’s release. Skin irritation tested*, microorganisms will quickly decompose it into water and carbon dioxide after being drained.

*skin irritation may still occur in some extreme cases.

The “Ask Doctors Evaluation Service”, provided through the M3 corporation, is an objective evaluation service done by doctors subscribed to, with over 280,000 doctors sharing materials, experimental data, and products. Out of 100 dermatologists asked, 95% responded with “I really want to recommend” or “I want to recommend to others Yashinomi Detergent”.

Some of the doctor’s opinions where:

  • It’s not only gentle to the skin, but also considerate with the environment, so it feels that corporately they truly made an effort (Dermatologist, female, 34 years old).
  • The dryness of the skin of my hands after its use was quite good compared to what I usually use. The difference has become obvious after several uses (Dermatologist, male, 55 years old).
  • That is a low concentration of surfactant, unscented and hypoallergenic is very interesting and I would like to recommend it to everyone (Dermatologist, female, 43 years old).

Social Contribution

Starting with Yashinomi detergents, Happy Elephant and Cocopalm, our palm oil-related brands, we dedicate 1% of all sales for the environmental conservation of Borneo, Malaysia, through the Borneo Conservation Trust (BTC). On top of that, the palm oil we use for their creation is credited or certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), ensuring that we obtain it from a sustainable source that protects local farmers and the environment.