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Awareness Campaign for World Hand Hygiene Day at Canberra Hospital

SARAYA Australia was invited by the Canberra Hospital for Hand Hygiene Day in 2024.

SARAYA was present in a World Hygiene Day event in Australia, this time supporting the Canberra Hospital in the capital city, conveying the importance of clean hands while conducting activities related to hand hygiene.

Collaborating seamlessly with the hospital’s infection prevention and control unit, we transformed a section in the main foyer into an interactive hub of knowledge and engagement. The walls were adorned with an array of impactful posters, blending SARAYA’s bespoke designs from May 5, 2024, and visuals from the World Health Organization.

may52024 01

The Infection Prevention and Control Unit and SARAYA Australia prepared their own games, and the winners even had prizes. Below, our activities for the day, which we hope will inspire you to also participate in the World Hand Hygiene Day in future editions.


Guess the number of gloves in a jar

The Infection Prevention and Control Unit organized an engaging educational game where participants guessed the number of gloves inside a jar for a chance to win a hamper filled with sweets. In addition, the infection control team distributed word search puzzles to promote hand hygiene practices.


Matching Game

Meanwhile, SARAYA organized an educational memory game to promote hand hygiene practices among participants. In this game, individuals turned around five hands to reveal and match hidden germ stickers. Those successful in matching the germs were entered into a draw to win the coveted SARAYA No-Touch Foam Soap Dispenser for personal use.

may52024 game1 may52024 game2

These interactive activities captured significant attention from both staff and members of the public. The inclusion of the Alsoft Health Care Disinfectant Hand Rub, complete with a retractable clip, proved to be a standout favorite among the available prizes. Furthermore, every participant had the opportunity to select a prize from our selection, which included SARAYA’s foam soap and the insightful book Adapt to Adopt by Prof. Didier Pittet.

may52024 prizes

Overall, the day was a success and with many staff and members of the public attending it was a great opportunity to bring awareness to the campaign and unite everyone for the day in the name of safety!

Clean your hands, stay safe!


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