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Introducing New Healthcare Products for Skin Care, Alsoft Hand Cream and UD-300T-WG

SARAYA is proud to announce the release of its new skin care products for healthcare workers, Alsoft Hand Cream and its dispenser UD-300T-WG.

SARAYA is releasing its series of new healthcare products for the skin care of healthcare workers, Alsoft Hand Cream, and its corresponding dispensers, UD-300T-WG.

It is important to use hand care products frequently on a daily basis, regardless of whether you have rough hands or not. Hand care protects the skin from losing its ability to retain moisture and maintains the normal stratum corneum barrier function. It also helps the skin to keep moisture from evaporating, while adding a layer against external stimuli, blocking foreign substances from entering the body.

WHO’s Guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Health Care states that facilities should “provide health care workers with hand lotions or creams to minimize the occurrence of irritant contact dermatitis associated with hand antisepsis or handwashing”1. Also, the Guideline for Hand Hygiene in Health-Care Settings (CDC) also states that “studies demonstrate that several hand lotions have reduced skin scaling and cracking, which may reduce microbial shedding from the hands.”2

To keep the hands of your medical staff protected, following the above recommendations, SARAYA recommends you add the following skin care products to your facilities, helping your healthcare workers achieve your infection prevention and control objectives.

Alsoft Hand Cream

 Alsoft Hand Cream ・300mL pump bottle available.
・Protects hands and skin with double action; moisturizing and protection.
・Contains emollients that prevent skin irritation.
・Does not affect the efficacy of hand sanitizers or the performance of various gloves.
・Fragrance-free and colorless.

When to use:

  • About every 4 hours (before starting work, after breaks, etc.).
  • After about every 10 hand hygiene routines.
  • Apply frequently according to the condition of the hand skin and the work to be done.
Apply Alsoft Hand Cream before work and at your breaks. Apply Alsoft Hand Cream at about every 4 hours.

UD-300T-WG Dispenser

UD-300T-WG Dispenser features.
  • Model: UD-300T-WG
  • Dimensions: W90 x D104 x H205mm
  • Weight: Approximately 440g (excluding packaging, accessories, batteries, and chemicals)
  • Main material: ABS, PP (main body, whole cover), and POM (general drive parts).
  • Power supply: Alkaline battery AA cell x 4

Awareness of skin care leads to infection prevention and control. Please contact us through the contact page if you want to inquire about availability in your region. We look forward to hearing from you.



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  2. Guideline for Hand Hygiene in Health-Care Settings, CDC