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Newly opened hand hygiene websites!

SARAYA with newly opened hand hygiene websites

SARAYA has opened two new websites for its CSR initiatives in Uganda.

Wash A Million Hands! Project & 100% Hospital Hand Hygiene Project

For the Wash A Million Hands! Project, SARAYA has donated 1% of its sales of many household soaps and hand sanitizers to support the educational activities of UNICEF regarding hand washing. Since 2010, the Wash A Million Hands! Project has been able to reach millions of people, mainly mothers and children, with hand hygiene training. The 100% Hospital Hand Hygiene Project is a unique project where SARAYA has established a local manufacturing plant in Uganda to provide alcohol hand sanitizers to healthcare facilities in East Africa. The sanitizer is made from ingredients all made in Africa, and supports local businesses while preventing healthcare-associated infections in hospitals and clinics.

Please visit each website for more information!