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Short Video Documentary

SARAYA is pleased to introduce a short video documentary following Professor Didier Pittet from the University of Geneva and Yusuke Saraya, the president of Saraya Co., Ltd. recorded in Cambodia during the signing of the Clean Care is Safer Care pledge by the Ministry of Health. The Clean Care is Safer Care program was created by the WHO to reduce healthcare-associated infections in healthcare facilities in every country. There are many patients who develop infections while being treated in the hospital, and lack of hand hygiene is often the cause.

This happens not only in developing countries like Cambodia but also developed countries such as the UK and Japan. This documentary video will let you peek into the activity of spreading hand hygiene knowledge and practice by Professor Didier Pittet and Saraya Co., Ltd. We hope the video to be seen by many people and the importance of hand hygiene can be recognized by as many people as possible.

Complete version:
Short version: