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WHO Global Survey on IPC and Hand Hygiene - Open until Nov 16th !

Saraya supporting the WHO IPC global team and the WHO collaborating centre in making a final push to promote the uptake of the survey.

From the 16 of January to the 16th of November, the WHO IPC global team and the WHO collaborating centre have been requesting acute health care facilities around the world to participate in the WHO global survey in order to understand the current levels of progress of infection prevention and control (IPC) programmes and hand hygiene activities.

7 weeks away from the deadline, there are still missing representation from a large number of countries in Europe, particularly from:

  • High-income countries such as: Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, UK
  • Low/middle-income countries: Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Uzbekistan
  • Upper/middle-income: Albania, Belarus, Hungary, Romania

Saraya, as an active member of the healthcare community, would appreciate if you could also help promote the uptake of the WHO global survey in healthcare facilities in any of the countries above or other countries where you are based. For further information and participation, click on the following link:

What are the objectives of this survey?

  • To encourage and support local assessments of IPC and hand hygiene activities using standardized and validated tools, int the context of the regular work of the IPC teams/committees and the development of local improvement plans.
  • To gather a situational analysis on the level of progress of current IPC and hand hygiene activities around the world and inform future efforts and resource use improvement.


This survey will be open for 4 months from 16 January to 16 November 2019.

Who is invited to participate?

Any acute healthcare facility around the world; participation will be voluntary. WHO also encourages Ministries of Health (ideally through their national IPC focal point/team) to take the lead in promoting and coordinating the survey process and data collection among health facilities in their country.

How does the survey work?

The survey has two levels, involving the completion of two tools at the facility:

  • The WHO Infection Prevention and Control Assessment Framework (IPCAF), and
  • The WHO Hand Hygiene SElf-Assessment Framework (HHSAF).

Each facility is meant to complete and submit each tool once in the context of this survey. Aan online system is available for data submission with each tool. All data submitted via the WHO IPC Global Survey online system will be confidential. English, French, and Spanish versions are available (see dedicated pages) as well as some other languages.