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World Antibiotic Awareness Week

World Antibiotic Awareness Weeks.

Antibiotic resistance is one of the considerable global threats affecting the health of anyone in the world.  Various infectious diseases such as pneumonia and tuberculosis are now becoming difficult to treat due to the resistance against antibiotics according to the WHO.

Misuse of antibiotics is a cause of generating resistance. Thus, it is important to know the situation and change behavior when prescribing or taking antibiotics for both healthcare workers and users.

The “World antibiotic awareness week!” is a campaign organized by the WHO to address these situations.  Detail information and useful tools to help to understand antibiotic resistance are available from the WHO website.

Hand hygiene is one of the best methods to prevent the expansion of infectious diseases. Saraya offers useful tools to promote hand hygiene in any healthcare setting.

Saraya useful tools for infection prevention and controls:

5th of may useful tools