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JAHAS x INHAC 2019 co-sponsored presentation

SARAYA participates in the 4th international Halal conference celebrated in Osaka.

On the 23rd of April, the Japan Society for Halal Science and Technology (JAHAS) and the International Halal Conference (INHAC) celebrated the 4th International Halal conference in Osaka, talking about the challenges and prospects of the Halal industry in Japan.

As part of the event, Ms. Konishi, chief executive of the Global Operations Division, participated by explaining Saraya’s commitment to Halal products, being a company that sells in markets with Muslim tradition, such as Malaysia and Thailand, with Halal certified products.

Although Halal, based on religious beliefs, refers to what is permissible or lawful in traditional Islamic law, when talking about products, it also entails a high level of quality, safety and hygienic levels to ensure that they do comply with those laws. Quality management systems (QMS) and hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) have to be supplemented with an extra effort to reach Halal certification, so even if you are not a Muslim, you can enjoy any of Saraya’s products while being assured of its high quality.

Parallel to the increase in Muslim immigration to Japan, be it for tourism or for employment, JAHAS was launched last year and, based on scientific evidence, will promote its forum for discussing Halal, and the future of the Halal industry.

Saraya’s corporate philosophy is the improvement of sanitation, health and environment of the world. As part of our efforts in improving the lives of all people, we will keep developing products that are also meaningful to the Islamic world, and participating in events promoting them.

SARAYA participates in the 4th international Halal conference celebrated in Osaka.

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