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New Rapid Liquid Freezing Machines - Rapid Freezer SF-5G/SF-10G/SF-20G

SARAYA Releases its new Rapid Freezers models, available globally.

SARAYA is excited to introduce the latest model of its rapid liquid freezing machine, Rapid Freezer, designed for the global market.

Rapid Freezer is a liquid quick-freezer that freezes packed foods by dipping them into -30°C antifreeze that can efficiently freeze almost anything, including meat, fish, and side dishes. Its freezing speed is approximately 20 times quicker than that of a standard air-blast freezer, which ensures high-quality freezing without compromising the integrity of the food's cells, preserving its freshness, taste, and appearance.

Our product line includes three models, SF-5G, with a freezing capacity of 5kg/h, SF-10G, 10kg/h, and SF-20G, 20kg/h, suitable for various settings, including restaurants, hotels, central kitchens, and food factories.

SARAYA aims to provide hygienic solutions to common challenges food facilities face, such as minimizing food loss and waste, addressing labor shortages, and enhancing cooking efficiency to produce superior-quality products. With Rapid Freezer, food facilities can address the diverse challenges they encounter, expanding their sales opportunities.


  • Product Name: Rapid Freezer
  • Models: SF-5G, SF-10G, SF-20G


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