Automatic Proportioning System

Compact detergent proportioning system for diluting. Easy operation and accurate proportioning cuts waste and ensures detergents are used at their optimal concentration.

  • Aspirator, type water pressure operation, requires no power source.

  • Fill squeeze and spray bottles directly.

  • Fill sinks with instantly diluted detergent.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions:


  • Water Pressure Range:

    0.2 Mpa ~ 0.6 Mpa

  • Dilution Rate:

    Adjustable with the replaceable metering tip

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is the chemical intake clogged when I use sodium hypochlorite?

    NaCl in sodium hypochlorite hardens as it dries. Periodically rinse the chemical intake with water.

Proper dilution rate varies upon thickness of concentrate. Please contact your local Saraya sales representative for further information.

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