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Blue Ocean Projects

Blue Ocean Projects

Inspired by the upcoming 2025 World Expo that will take place in the same city where our headquarters is located, we are taking our sustainability initiatives to the next level. SARAYA is participating in projects and activities dedicated to preserving the oceans, which you can learn more about below.

Project 1

2025 Osaka・Kansai Expo Pavilion: BLUE OCEAN DOME

SARAYA supports ZERI Japan's endeavor to create a networking hub at the Expo's BLUE OCEAN DOME. ZERI Japan's exhibition seeks to deepen global appreciation for the oceans and communicate the urgency of combatting marine plastic pollution, fostering sustainable marine industries, and raising awareness about ocean climate change.

Blue Ocean Dome page

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Project 2

Tsushima Project

Tsushima Island, situated between Japan and Korea, is struggling with a growing issue of plastic waste being transported by ocean currents and winds to its shores. Our goal is to collect all marine plastic waste in Tsushima, establish a process to convert it into resources and energy, and use it to foster industries based on a non-petroleum, circular economy.

Project 3

Mauritania Project

In Mauritania, which faces the Atlantic Ocean, we are working with local people and ZERI Japan on sustainable fisheries (Blue Fisheries) through business, including netless bubble fishing and a project to absorb blue carbon through algae cultivation.


Project 4

Development and Shipbuilding of the Blue Coaster

We are supporting the development of a multi-purpose coastal boat that runs on 100% renewable energy and can be used for various applications, including plastic and microplastic recovery.  

Project 5

BLUE OCEAN Sailing Ship: Mirai-e Expo Campaign

SARAYA is working with the sailing ship BLUE OCEAN Mirai-e, operated and managed by ZERI Japan, to help build momentum for the Osaka・Kansai Expo and support a campaign to promote the abundance and importance of the sea.

Mirai-e page (Japanese)

Project 6

Supply Chain Innovation for Marine Resources

Utilizing the latest refrigeration systems, we are working to collaborate and co-create with local industries by revitalizing the food industry.

SARAYA's refrigeration systems provide safe, high-quality products and business support by proposing total solutions for the development of high-quality frozen foods and hygiene management. We combine the five points of pre-freezing, packaging, freezing, preservation, and thawing to ensure the freshness of products, from their origin to their consumption.

SARAYA is committed to solving the challenges of marine resources with its technology and know-how with the liquid Rapid Freezer.

Rapid Freezer page

Project 7

Co-creation Action with the Blue Ocean Initiative

SARAYA participates in the Blue Ocean Initiative, taking on the challenge of co-creating action with startups, research institutions, and other companies and organizations that share an interest in the ocean. We will work together to solve urgent ocean issues such as combating marine plastic pollution, managing marine resources to create a sustainable marine industry, and promoting the spread of blue carbon.

Blue Ocean Initiative (Japanese)

A pile of plastic trash as tall as a man.

The scene I witnessed on the coast of Tsushima, Nagasaki Prefecture, was beyond description. Huge amounts of trash washing ashore with the ocean currents.

The world's oceans are currently facing many problems.

SARAYA is working to solve them.

Yusuke Saraya
President of Saraya Co., Ltd.