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We interviewed six families that come around the world to find out how new fathers and mothers in Japan spend their parenting lives! The first article is about Princess Aiza from the Philippines, always with a beautiful smile.

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Princess Aiza got pregnant in 2020, right when the first wave of Covid-19 was at its peak and no vaccine had yet been developed. She was very anxious and had a hard time giving birth for the first time in a foreign country, where a new lifestyle was required, and she could not leave her house for fear of invisible danger. The biggest stress was the language barrier, and she watched many videos and vlogs to learn how women in Japan experience pregnancy and giving birth, to ease her anxiety.

Yoshi, posing with full body soap bottles.


After four months of consultations in a clinic that was supporting her both mentally and physically, she safely gave birth to a baby boy. Not knowing baby care products in Japan, Princess asked her friend for advice and she introduced her to She told us with a smile, "It’s easy to rinse, doesn’t leave any slippery feeling or residue, and doesn't cause any problems for my son’s sensitive skin.” She and her son Yoshi now use it in washing from head to toe.

The Full Body Soap, perfect for your baby.


We were very impressed by her positive attitude: as a new mother, even though she didn't know what to do, she thought to herself: "Let's just give it a try!”


You can read the full Princess Aiza's story on TW, so make sure to check it out!