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Lakanto Umeshu wins 2nd place at Tasting Trendies Sake Awards 2018

Lakanto Umeshu wins 2nd place at Tasting Trendies Sake Awards 2018

Many know Lakanto as a natural sweetener that allows us to enjoy our desserts and coffee in a healthier, sugarless way. But Lakanto doesn’t stop there. In recent years, we have been expanding our line of healthy products, be it through delicious foods or refreshing drinks.

One of these “new” products is the Lakanto Umeshu. Made with Lakanto’s natural sweetness (derived from the Monk fruit), it’s a sugarless, 30% fewer calories, 14% alcohol drink. With no artificial preservatives, acidifiers, flavors, or colors, it is the perfect drink for health and diet-conscious customers.

What is Umeshu?

Umeshu (梅酒), also called plum wine, is a Japanese liqueur made by steeping ume fruits (Japanese apricots) in alcohol and sugar. It has a sweet, sour taste, and an alcohol content of 10–15%. The taste and aroma of umeshu can appeal to even those people who normally dislike alcohol.

On the 15th of September, the Tasting Trendies Sake Awards ceremony [TTSA 2018] was held in Hong Kong. Lakanto Umeshu was recognized for its quality and flavor,  winning the Silver Award both In the Expert Group and the User Group.

A toast to these results, and for the ones yet to come.

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