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The Opening of the 5 May Hand Hygiene Day 2015 Campaign Web page!

SARAYA participates in the 5 May Hand Hygiene Day 2015.

SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands is a healthcare campaign led by the WHO to promote hand hygiene awareness to reduce infections in the hospital. Since 2010, Global Hand Hygiene Day has been celebrated on May 5th around the world to reinforce knowledge on hand hygiene and healthcare-associated infections. Saraya is celebrating this year with a special website. Many of our local offices around the world are supporting hospitals with their 5 May events. Take a look at the newly opened a campaign web page for information and educational tools such as posters and wallpapers to promote hand hygiene. You can also get an exclusive animated screen saver by taking a quiz related to hand hygiene!

Visit our campaign site and celebrate the 5 May Hand Hygiene Day with us!