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Official Launch of SARAYA Hand Disinfectant Manufacturing in Africa

Official Launch of Saraya Hand Disinfectant Manufacturing in Africa.

We are proud to announce that our Africa office, Saraya East Africa Co., Ltd., began manufacturing operations in Uganda, Africa, this March. The factory will be producing alcohol hand disinfectants for use in Uganda's hospitals and clinics, country-wide.

Saraya launched the "Wash a Million Hands Project" in Uganda in partnership with UNICEF Japan to improve handwashing access and education to children and mothers in Uganda in an effort to save lives lost due to poor hygiene. During the project, we realized that the hygiene environment in medical facilities also need support. The 100% Hospital Hand Hygiene Project was established in 2013 to reduce healthcare-associated infections in Uganda. One of the goals of the project is to create a local alcohol disinfectant manufacturing business. Fortunately, Uganda has local sugarcane production which is can be used to make alcohol locally. With locally procured ingredients, we were able to create a sustainable hand disinfectant that is priced appropriately for the local healthcare facilities while maintaining Japanese technology, quality and know-how.

Saraya East Africa Co., Ltd. is determined to expand our sustainable social business projects as well as solve social challenges of Africa through alcohol disinfectant manufacturing by creating jobs, encouraging business and improving healthcare.