Skip to main content Laundry Soap and Foam Body Soap Win First Place in "ninaru Mama Papa Best 2024" goods take 1st place in the “ninaru Mama Papa Best 2024” competition, chosen by votes of many parents in Japan. has been awarded as the winner in the "ninaru Mama Best 2024" awards for its Laundry Soap and Foam Body Soap. The awards are chosen based on a survey conducted on goods recommended by experienced moms and dads who use the pregnancy app 'ninaru' and the childcare app 'ninaru baby' in Japan. Parents are asked to complete a questionnaire about their favorite childcare goods and rate their satisfaction with the products they have used. Laundry Soap has won the No. 1 award in the laundry detergent category for the second consecutive year, and Foam Body Soap has received the No. 1 award in the baby soap category for the fifth consecutive year.

About Laundry Soap is a specially designed washing soap that is perfect for delicate baby skin. Made with carefully selected ingredients, this soap is free from synthetic surfactants, fluorescent agents, coloring agents, bleaching agents, preservatives, antibacterial agents, and other additives. It is gentle on your baby's skin and will leave your laundry fluffy and soft, even without using a fabric softener. is perfect for preparing your laundry for childbirth, providing peace of mind right from the initial water rinsing. It comes in two varieties: one lightly scented with natural essential oils of lavender and spearmint, and another unscented option. Foam Body Soap is a foaming body soap that can be used to wash the entire body from a baby's head (hair) to toe. It is free from synthetic surfactants, synthetic fragrances, coloring agents, preservatives, and other additives. Foam Body Soap comes in three different variations – Standard, Moisturizing and Sensitive – to cater to your baby's unique skin type and can be easily adapted to suit seasonal changes or your baby's growth.

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A part of the sales of arau. in Japan is used to improve the sanitation of children in Uganda, Africa, through the international NGO Save the Children.