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Completion of Infection Prevention Compendium for Long-Term Care Facilities

Infection Prevention Compendium For Long-Term Care Facilities, a joint research project between NYAM, YSN, and SARAYA has been completed.

Access the Infection Prevention Compendium here

With the demand for nursing homes and elderly care facilities increasing year by year due to the aging of the population, the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in large-scale infections in elderly care facilities. Compared with normal healthcare facilities that consist of doctors and nurses, the staff working in facilities for the elderly also include Specialized Providers for treatment and rehabilitation, care providers that assist facility users, and support staff that provides cleaning and meal preparation.

In order to help prevent infections in the facilities not only for the patients but also for their families who come to visit and the many staff members in contact with them, SARAYA, in cooperation with the New York Academy of Medicine (NYAM) and the Yale School of Nursing (YSN),  has developed an Infection Prevention Compendium For Long-Term Care. This tool aims to provide infection control information that is easy to understand and use by anyone, accessible online for free.

The Compendium consists of the following four sections:

1. Infection Prevention Tools & Resources for Direct Care Providers, Administrators, and Support Staff

“Infection Prevention Tools & Resources for Direct Care Providers, Administrators, and Support Staff” provides useful information for medical providers, nurses, therapists, cooks, recreational staff, visitors, and other professionals. In addition to basic infection control tips such as when to use hand sanitizer and how to properly wear PPE, the site also offers information on how to cope with stress and care for patients during a COVID-19 pandemic.

2. International and US Infection Control Resources

This site introduces reliable resources for each country. You can check the source of reliable infection control information in your country.

3. Summary of NYAM Reports

For this project, NYAM conducted a survey of infection control practices in nursing homes, interviewed nurses and caregivers, and held a virtual summit with infection control experts. The reports are available here.

4. Teaching Tools

Teaching tools in PowerPoint format for administrators, family members, nurses, residents, and specialized contract providers. This source includes specific information on infection control and discussion topics so that participants can deepen their knowledge and have an opportunity to think about infection control independently.


SARAYA, NYAM, and YSN have collaborated to create an infection control kit that is easy to understand and can be immediately put into practice for anyone involved in nursing homes. All the information is a resource from reliable public institutions. We would be very happy if even a little bit of this information could contribute to the common knowledge of infection control and help reduce infections in facilities.