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Saraya Australia Sponsors World Hand Hygiene Day at St. Andrew's Toowoomba Hospital

SARAYA Australia participates with St Andrew’s Toowoomba Hospital in the World Hand Hygiene Day 2022 "UNITE FOR SAFETY - CLEAN YOUR HANDS"

SARAYA was present once again in a World Hand Hygiene Day event in Australia, this time supporting the St Andrew’s Toowoomba Hospital, in Queensland, Australia in celebrating the event with resources and funding.

The Hospital’s executive staff visited the stand and seemed pleasantly surprised with the interactive element & the activities educating the importance of hand hygiene, and helped cut a cake we shared, as a thank you to all the staff for their work during the past 2 years during Covid pandemic conditions.

A cake from Saraya Australia was shared to all staff thanking them for their efforts these last 2 years during the Covid pandemic.


Below, we are listing our activities for the day, which we hope will inspire you to also participate in the World Hand Hygiene Day in future editions.

Educational Activities included:

Panels with all the games that Saraya Australia organized for the 5th of May event.

Hand Wash Technique using Black Light

Staff rub into their hands a special moisturiser and try to wash them properly. Afterwards, they come back to the black light to see if they succeed. If their hands "glow" under the black light, this identifies the areas that were missed whilst hand washing. 

This is a great training tool, which enables people to see which areas on their hands they miss, and what they can improve.

5 Moments of Hand Hygiene

You have to name all 5 moments in the correct order. A fun way to interact with people to see how well they know the moments where infections can be transmitted if hand hygiene is not correctly applied.

Plush Germs Dartboard

Throwing "germs" onto the dart board. Fun, interactive game to engage the staff while giving the opportunity to speak about log reduction (how thoroughly a decontamination process is) in effective hand sanitisers.

Saraya Chattabox Game 

Fun & engaging way to interact with staff. The subjects were tailored to incorporate education around hand hygiene. This game added a fun element to hand hygiene and was very well received by all the participants.


Staff participated in many of the games. Thanks to all nurses and doctors participating. Clean hands save lives!


Staff participating in these activities then entered a raffle to win gift and drink vouchers. Overall the day was a success and with many staff members attending it was a great opportunity to bring awareness to the campaign and unite everyone for the day in the name of safety! 

Clean your hands, stay safe!