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ISPM-2017 was held in Moscow, Russia!

The Annual Congress on Control and Prevention of Healthcare-Related Infections (ISPM-2017) organized by Rospotrebnadzor Research Institute of Disinfectology and the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection of the Russian Federation was held on November 14-15, 2017 in Moscow, Russian Federation.

SARAYA participates in ISPM in 2017

Saraya Co., Ltd. takes part every year in different projects and events relating to healthcare-associated infections and contributes to the development of studies and practices in the infection control field. President Yusuke Saraya was recognized by the All-Russian Scientific Practical Society of Epidemiologists, Microbiologists and Parasitologists for his contribution to infection control and healthcare-associated infection prevention.

Yusuke Saraya and Dr. Acam AkimkinYusuke Saraya and Dr. Acam Akimkin

It was a great opportunity to deepen Russia and Japan ties, and for the first time this year, Professor Hiroshige Mikamo, head of the Department of Clinical Infectious Diseases and Head of the Department of Prevention and Control of Infections of the Medical University of Aichi, Japan, took part in the congress in Russia. The congress was honored to have Prof. Didier Pittet, Prof. Axel Kramer and Prof. Ojan Assadian to join and give lectures on the latest research in infectious disease prevention.

Prof. Axel Kramer Prof. Hiroshige Mikamo
 Prof. Axel Kramer  Prof. Hiroshige Mikamo

Russia has been highly evaluated by international healthcare institutions for making great efforts to reduce the influence of infectious diseases by innovative scientific and practical developments in various areas of Healthcare. Deputy Director for Centran Scientific Research Epidemiology Institute, academician Vasilii Akimkin was awarded by the Austrian Infection Control Society and by the WHO Geneve Collaborating Centre.

 Acam. Akimkin with Prof. Assadian (Austrian Infection Control Society)  Acam. Akimkin with Prof. Pittet (WHO Geneve Collaborating Centre)
Acam. Akimkin with Prof. Assadian
(Austrian Infection Control Society) 
 Acam. Akimkin with Prof. Pittet
(WHO Geneve Collaborating Centre)

As the main sponsor of the Congress, Saraya Co. Ltd presented the latest developments for the prevention of healthcare-related infections, including dispensers, antibacterial soap, environmental and hand disinfectant, as well as personal protective equipment for patients and medical personnel. For the first time, Saraya presented new product Acecide Powder for manual washing, disinfection and sterilization of medical instruments.

Photo of participating members at ISPM 2017