Laundry Machine Cleaner

※Contains natural spearmint essential oil for fragrance.

※Contains no synthetic fragrances, colors, or preservatives.

Laundry Machine Cleaner

※For stainless steel or plastic laundry machine drums and agitators.

Oxygen based cleaner removes hidden dirt, mold, and sources of odor.

Deodorizes with the power of natural spearmint.

Use once a month to keep your laundry machine clean for fresh-smelling clothes and less residue.

※Only for use with top-loading laundry machines.

Product Laundry Machine Cleaner
Application For cleaning laundry machine drums.
pH Mildly alkaline
Ingredients Alkaline (Carbonate), Bleaching agent (Percarbonate)
Usage Volume Use 1 pack per cleaning for laundry machines with 3-9kg drums.


No harsh chemicals

If the laundry machine drum goes neglected, soap and detergent can build up, causing mold and bad odors to form. This mold and odors can transfer to clothes during the wash cycle, which is not only uncomfortable but also irritating to those with sensitive skins. Washing the laundry machine's drum once a month will help you prevent it.

arau. Laundry Machine Cleaner has no harsh chemical or odors, only using oxygen based cleaners to refresh your laundry machine. Just one cleaning cycle a month will remove build up and keep your clothes fresh and clean.

arau. Laundry Machine Cleaner removes any dirt acumulated in your washing machine

How to use

※Do not use with front loading laundry machines.

※Do not use with water over 40 degrees C. (May be dangerous to user)

※After using, check the drum for any loose dirt. Run the rinse cycle to remove any left over dirt.

※For heavy dirt and soiling even after rinsing, use arau. Laundry Machine Cleaner a second time.

  1. 1.Add cleaner
    Add arau. Laundry Cleaner to an empty machine.
  2. 2.Add water
    Fill to the highest water level. (Ideal temperature range is 20-40 degrees C)
  3. 3.Dissolve solution
    Run the machine for 2-3 minutes to dissolve the solution. Turn off the machine, close the lid and allow to sit for 2-4 hours.
  4. 4.Wash
    Without draining the water, run the machine through one wash cycle.


Removes built up odors

No added synthetic detergents, bleach based detergents, synthetic fragrances, or colors, just the power of natural spearmints essential oils to deodorize your washing machine. Keeping your laundry machine clean will make your laundry also be spotless.

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I've tried many different laundry machine cleaners from other companies, and when it comes to mold and soap residue, arau. outclasses them all.

51 year old female customer

Compared to other cleaners, arau. is low foaming and cleans away mold and mildew much better.

50 year old female customer

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