Recommended products for childbirth preparation and baby milestonesRecommended products for childbirth preparation and baby milestones

First pregnancy? Isn't it hard to know when and what to prepare for your yet-to-be-born baby?

Here is an easy-to-understand list of items we recommend for the pregnancy period and for your baby's developmental milestones. Make sure to prepare the items you need early on as your baby grows.

Pregnancy period: Hormone balance is easily affected and the skin is more delicate than usual.Pregnancy period: Hormone balance is easily affected and the skin is more delicate than usual.

Recommended Items for expecting mothers Maternity Cream

Slightly acidic, hypoallergenic, additive-free formula

This pregnancy body care cream contains carefully selected plant oils that help to balance the skin's sebum. Silicone-free, it stretches and blends well with the skin.

Three moisturizing ingredients were added to provide moisture and maintain the skin's elasticity.

arau. Foaming Body Soap

Fine bubbles that gently protect your skin

Fine bubbles act like a cushion to protect the delicate skin of pregnant women from friction and irritation. Gently remove the dirt by just applying the foam to the skin, with a simple hand washing.

arau. Facial Soap

Gently refreshing, not slippery

Since it's an additive-free soap, it rinses quickly and does not leave a slick feeling after washing. arau. Facial Soap cleanses your face gently and refreshingly.

arau. Laundry Soap

Additive-free, gentle and leaves fabrics fluffy

arau. Laundry Soap is recommended for pregnant women who are beginning to feel skin irritation from clothes and towels.

Not only does it provide peace of mind by being an additive-free soap, it also leaves fabrics fluffy and smooth without the use of fabric softener.

arau. Toothpaste

Additive-free & safe ingredients, natural refreshing feel

This additive-free toothpaste is safe to use on sensitive gums and mouths that are easily irritated.

The natural coolness of natural essential oils makes it a great choice for pregnant women that are more likely to be uncomfortable with strong-smelling synthetic fragrances.

Child birth preparation. Lets get ready for the baby arrival.Child birth preparation. Lets get ready for the baby arrival.

Prepare your baby's clothes and underwear by"pre-washing" before you put them on!

Newly bought baby clothes are often coated with glue, which can cause skin irritation. It is always recommended to rinse them once with clear water to remove the glue and soften the fabric.

Usually, detergents are not used during the "rinsing" process but we recommend using laundry soap to make the fabric even fluffier, softer and to improve its water absorption.

Hang your Laundry with products! Laundry Soap

Safe and additive-free, Laundry Soap will leave your laundry fluffy and soft without the use of fabric softeners.

Since hand washing situations like breast milk stains, formula stains and food stains happen commonly we have included aloe extract into the arau. Laundry Soap formulation to care for the mother's hand skin.

Safe and additive-free for a fluffier and softer laundry with Laundry Soap.

Fragrance free natural aroma Laundry Soap.

Prepared for the first bath after birth! gives you all the products for a complete washing of your baby.

During the first month of a baby life it is recommended to use a baby bath tub because newborn babies have a weak immune system and are susceptible to bacterial infections.

During the newborn period, to about three months of age, babies skin produces more sebum on the head, forehead, and eyebrow area due to the influence of the mother's female hormones.

Be sure to remove the dirt thoroughly and gently with a gentle, additive-free soap. Foam Body Soap

The bottle has an easy to use foam pump that can be used while the mother holds the baby.

The additive-free, safe, fine foam gently wraps around your baby skin to clean it, leaving it refreshed and smooth.

※When bathing your baby, after washing with baby soap rinse lightly with warm water in the baby bath, to rinse again thoroughly with warm water prepared separately in a basin or with a shower. Foam Body Soap Foam Body Soap Moisturizing. Foam Body Soap Sensitive.

Newborns face and belly are prone to dryness. Be prepared for baby skin care!

We mistakenly think that babies skin is smooth and does not need any special care. However, the fact is that newborns skin tends to dry out more easily and is very delicate compared to adults due to their low water and sebum content. Newborns secrete a lot of sebum on their heads, foreheads and eyebrows, but their cheeks and stomachs are prone to dryness.

After cleaning their excess sebum and sweat off in the bath, quickly apply an additive-free, mildly acidic, gentle to the skin lotion.

moisturizing and massaging your baby should be recurrent routine with Milky Lotion

This baby lotion is free of petroleum-based synthetic surfactants, mineral oil (derived from petroleum), silicone, parabens, alcohol (ethanol), synthetic fragrances and colors.

The formulation is slightly acidic and has added plants extracts such as lavender essential oil recommended for a baby's delicate skin.

Milky Lotion, additive-free with added botanical extracts.
Lets get ready by washing the baby bottles with Foam Bottle Wash. Foam Bottle Wash

With a 100% vegetable-based formulation, Foam Bottle Wash is free of synthetic surfactants, as well as synthetic fragrances, colors and preservatives, so you can wash your baby's milk bottles, dishes and pacifiers with confidence.

The smooth foam helps cleaning throughtly and our special formulation makes the rinsing process easier.

Newborn period. Congratulations on the birthNewborn period. Congratulations on the birth

3 step skin care recommended by

Gently and thoroughly wash off sebum and sweat that can cause skin problems with baby soap, then moisturize with an additive-free lotion or cream. This is the skin care process.

3 steps of

Step 1 Wash

The foam pump of Foam Body Soap makes it easy to use with only one hand.
Easy, one-handed foam pump

The foam pump that allows mom to push easily with one hand while holding the baby. You can wash your baby's whole body from head (hair) to to toes.

The safe additive-free fine foam gently wraps around your baby, refreshes and washes their skin thoroughly, leaving it smooth. Contains plant extracts of "Perilla Leaf Extract & Rosemary Leaf Extract" with moisturizing effect. Foam Body Soap Moisturizing has plenty of botanical ingredients that keep baby's skin moisturized.
Natural moisture-keeping ingredients

Natural moisturizing ingredients derived from fermentation for a smooth finish, cleansing quickly with no slippery feeling.

Contains plant extracts of chamomile flower and sage leaf extracts that have a moisturizing effect.

or Bar Soap
Special kettle-boiling method

Baby soap made using a special "kettle-boiling method" in which ingredients are slowly and deliberately boiled. A soap that is easy for moms to hold and make foam, formulated with shea butter and squalane as moisturizing ingredients.

※After washing with baby soap during bathing, rinse lightly in the warm water of the baby bath, and then rinse thoroughly with warm water prepared separately in a washbowl or a shower.

Step 2 Moisturize

Free of petroleum-based synthetic surfactants, mineral oils (petroleum-derived), silicon, parabens, alcohols (ethanol), synthetic fragrances and colors. Uses 100% organic essential oils. Milky Lotion
Moisturizing, spreads well and is quick to dry

Slightly acidic, suitable for delicate baby skin. Spreads well and leaves skin moist, while drying without being sticky.

Step 3 Wrap Laundry Soap
Safe and additive-free, soft and fluffy

A safe, additive-free laundry soap that leaves clothes soft and fluffy without any softener.

Contains aloe extract, gentle to moms' hands for hand washing needs.

plus Pre Laundry Bar
Removes milk stains!

This solid soap is applied directly to pinpoint stains, such as milk stains on baby's clothing and bibs. With the power of a 99% pure soap, even hard-to-remove stains go away!

Before rinsing, simply apply directly to the dirty areas and rinse lightly to see the difference in the finish.

plus Laundry Conditioner
Prevents yellowing, discoloration, and odor

Use with laundry soap for a softer and smoother texture.

Citric acid prevents soap from being left unrinsed, removing the causes of yellowing, discoloration, and odor.

2 Months olds. Moisturizing is very important2 Months olds. Moisturizing is very important

During their first year of life, babies' skin sebum levels change rapidly, so it's important to take care of the skin accordingly.

In the first month of life, the sebum level is as high and oily as it is during the acne-prone years of adolescence, but it begins to decrease rapidly from around 2 to 3 months, and from 5 to 6 months, it's said to be the most flaky period of their lives! Moisturize your baby's skin knowing that skin type is different and that it varies from season to season.

Massaging and moisturizing baby

From 3 Months old. time to start brushing the teeths.From 3 Months old. time to start brushing the teeths.

It is best to start brushing when the first tooth begins to appear.

Most babies get their first tooth at around 6 to 9 months old, but some can start getting their teeth as early as 3 months old. This is the time to start brushing.

Even before the teeth come in, it is a good idea to rub your baby's gums with a soft, wet towel to get them used to the idea of brushing.

Have a smiling happy baby with Tooth Gel

Additive-free toothpaste gel for babies that can be used from the moment their baby teeth come in.

No abrasives or foaming agents are used, and since it is made from food-grade ingredients, it is safe for babies who cannot rinse their mouths.

It has a tangerine taste (100% natural essential oils), so they will not dislike the brushing process and it's a great way to get them into the habit of brushing their teeth. Tooth Gel

From 1 year old. Lets switch to arau. products.From 1 year old. Lets switch to arau. products.

arau. Laundry Soap

Quickly dissolves after pouring it in the washing tank with water, rinsing quickly.

Additive-free soap formulated with subtly scented natural herb Lavender & Spearmint. Even without the use of fabric softener, the laundry gets soft, fluffy and absorbs water perfectly.

Recommended for people with sensitive skin and for washing delicate children's underwear.

arau. Laundry Soap bottle and refill

arau. Laundry Soap Geranium

Formulated with Rose geranium and natural herbs (ylang-ylang, lime, lavender). Enjoy its refreshing scent.

arau. Laundry Conditioner

When used with the arau. Laundry Soap, arau. Laundry Conditioner will help to completely rinse out the soap, resulting in a clearer, smoother finish for your clothes.

arau. Foam Body Soap

arau. Foam Body Soap is hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin, making it suitable for the whole family.

Its fine, plumpy foam cleanses and refreshes while reducing friction and irritation to the skin.

arau. Foam Hand Soap

The large, easy-to-press foam pump produces a gentle, vegetable-based fuzzy foam that gently and thoroughly removes dirt from all around your hands.

Containing moisturizing plant extracts, this foam hand soap is gentle on your hands and skin. Perfect for your child's hand washing habits.

arau. Toothpaste

arau. Toothpaste

After learning how to rinse and spit out, it's time to switch to arau. Toothpaste. As it is formulated with lavender essential oil and peppermint, it is refreshning and safe for your teeth and body.