arau. Fresh Herb Bar Soap

※Essential oil of lavender for skin cleansing.

※Shea butter and olive squalane for natural humectants.

※Natural extracts of shiso and rosemary for beautiful skin.

※Contains no LAS, high grade alcohol synthetic surfactants, phosphates, edentate (sequestering agents), or artificial additives such as colors, fragrances and preservatives.

※Skin sensitivity tested.
(It does not eliminate the possibility of skin irritation for all users.)

arau. Fresh Herb Bar Soap


Made in the traditional manner of kettle cooking by combining simple, raw ingredients. Its rich lathering foam is perfect for daily face, hands, and even whole body wash. And, of course, its gentle enough to wash your baby too!

Ingredients Soap base, water, Shea oil, squalane, lavender oil, Shiso extract, rosemary extract, glycerin, sodium chloride, tocopherol, (vitamin E), BG


Gently cleans the skin and rinses away quickly, leaving a smooth touch

Too much rinsing during hand washing is one of the reasons we get rough and dry skin on our hands. arau. Fresh Herb Bar Soap rinses away quickly, leaving you feel refreshed. In addition, it gently washes your body with the natural foam of botanical soap ingredients.


Luxurious moisture at an unbelievable price

arau. Fresh Herb Bar Soap contains shea butter and olive squalane as botanical moisturizing ingredients. High-end cosmetic moisturizing at drug store prices makes arau. Fresh Herb Bar Soap a great product for the whole family.


Natural feeling moisture

Traditional kettle style soap

arau. Fresh Herb Bar Soap is made in the traditional kettle style.

Botanical oils are mixed with natural, moisturizing glycerin during manufacturing, making the arau. Fresh Herb Bar Soap incredibly moisturizing. Enjoy a soap made with high purity 100% botanical essential oils and natural herb extracts.


Skin sensitivity tested and proven safety

Synthetic additives found in face washes, body soaps and other cosmetics are formulated under strict safety standards.

However, the causes of allergies and skin irritation are different in every person.

arau. contains no LAS, alcohol derived synthetic detergent, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors or preservatives.

And of course, arau. is tested for skin irritation, truly designed to be a gentle soap.

Comparison of skin after washing with synthetic and additive-free soap
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My family started using arau. Fresh Herb Bar Soap once my baby was born. I like the soap scent and it does not make my skin itchy. Also, it foams up so well.

40 year old female customer

arau. Fresh Herb Bar Soap does not leave any suspicious ingredients on the skin like other body wash products do. I really recommend the moisturizing qualities of this product. I use it year round, even in the sweaty summer or skin-drying winter without any irritation.

48 year old female customer

※These are personal opinions by customers and not guaranteed to be the same among all users.