Pre Laundry Bar

※Contains the light fragrance of natural lavender essential oils.

arau.babyPre Laundry Bar


Gently remove stains and spills from clothing and bibs with Pre Laundry Bar. Apply directly on the stained part and gently rub away tough stains.

One quick step to prevent spills from becoming stains!

Free from
  • Synthetic surfactant

  • Florescent agent

  • Antibacterial agent

  • Bleach

  • Preservatives

  • Synthetic fragrances

  • Coloring

  • Silicon

Product Laundry Soap
Application Cotton, hemp, synthetic fabrics
pH Mildly alkaline
Ingredients Pure soap (99% sodium), lavender oil


99% pure soap quickly washes away stubborn stains

Apply Pre Laundry Bar to stains before washing in the laundry machine or by hand. Lightly rub the stain as a pretreatment. Highly concentrated pure natural soap washes away stubborn stains like milk and food stains.

Works great with Laundry Soap or Laundry Soap Fragrance free.

Cleaning Power Test

Cleaning Power Test


The safety of additive free, plant based soap

No animal or mineral oils are used in, only gentle coconut and palm oils. is safer because it contains only natural plant based soap and herbal fragrances. No synthetic ingredients are ever used.


Real cleaning power with real ingredients

Soap is a natural type of surfactant.

A surfactant is a compound that lowers the surface tension of liquids, which allows dirt, oil and other stains to easily be removed from surfaces and materials. For example, adding a surfactant to mixture of water and oil will allow the two to mix together, making the oil flow away with water.

This is how dishes can be cleaned with a detergent, which contains surfactants. Soap has the same ability to remove dirt and grease as detergents, however, arau. is developed from natural, carefully selected ingredients, making it safe to use on many materials and skin types.

Use with Laundry Soap for combined efficacy and stain removing.

Use with Laundry Soap for combined efficacy and stain removing

arau. with natural extracts is the perfect way to keep laundry soft, fluffy and fresh without any fabric softeners. is recommended for cleaning baby clothes and diapers, or clothing of those with sensitive skin.

Lavender and spearmint essential oils naturally remove and neutralize odors in laundry. Laundry Soap Laundry Soap Fragrance free
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