Baby Oil

※100% organic lavender essential oil is added as a natural fragrance and moisturizing component.
For extra moisturizing effect, we have added jojoba seed oil, macadamia seed oil, meadowfoam seed oil, and botanical squalane.

※Skin sensitivity tested and skin allergy tested.
(It does not guarantee that it will not cause skin irritation to all people.)

※Dermatologist tested for infant safety
(It does not guarantee all safety.)

arau.babyBaby Oil


Contains no worrysome materials such as petroleum surfactants, synthetic fragrances, colors, paraben, alcohol (ethanol), and mineral oil (petroleum-based).

100% botanical oil, picked carefully for babies' skin sebum balance. Skin friendly, non-sticky oil is great for giving your baby a body massage.

We formulated botanical oils to be hard-to-oxidize, making them as gentle as it can be to babies' skin. The oil will be kept fresh until the last drop with the airless Fresh Pump Bottle, first to be used for baby oil products.

Ingredients Macadamia seed oil, caprylic/capric triglyceride, jojoba seed oil, squalane, meadowfoam seed oil, lavender oil*, tocopherol
(*Organic ingredient)


100% botanical oils strictly chosen
for babies' skin sebum balance

The botanical oils are chosen and formulated specifically to be similar to babies' skin sebum, allowing them to blend with the skin. Smooth and non-sticky oil with little friction makes it a great product to give baby massages.

Plants used as botanical oils. They are macadamia seed oil, jojoba seed oil, meadowfoam seed oil, and botanical squalane.


Hard-to-oxidize formulation of botanical oils, focused on skin friendliness

Oxidized oil can be a cause of skin irritation. Baby oil must be skin friendly, especially because it is used daily on the delicate skin of babies. That's why we came up with a special formulation of hard-to-oxidize botanical oils.

Airless Fresh Pump Bottle that
helps protect the oil from oxidation

We chose the airless Fresh Pump Bottle, a first for baby oils, to keep oils from oxidation. With its inner bag structure and airless pump that prevents air to flow in, it reduces contact of the content (oil) with air, keeping it away from oxidation, allowing the oil to be used fresh until the last drop. Baby Oil airless Fresh Pump Bottle. The bottle has an inner bag to keep contents fresh until the last drop.
Rina Saito, an instructor of baby massage, with Baby Oil.
Procedure of how to give a baby massage that nourishes the baby's skin and connection between the parent and the baby with Baby Oil.
Rina Saito, who taught us how to give a baby massage.

Instructor of yoga, baby massage, and children's gymnastics.

Having experience being a part of children's TV program as a child, as well as a mother of two children herself, Rina had gained popularity through parent-child and children's classes. She teaches over 200 families and children each month at yoga studios, children's classes, Theatre Academy, etc.

While giving lessons every day, Rina felt the need for her lessons to be more accessible to families living away from her classes, busy families and families with special needs, so she started online lessons of parent-child yoga and baby massage for all families in need.


● NHK Educational channel "Inai Inai Ba!" MC (1999~2003)
● Yoga instructor
● Baby massage instructor
● Theatre Academy instructor
● Baby education consultant

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